I HAVE ALWAYS HAD a deep love and respect for animals. They are masters of living in the moment and sharing unconditional love. After I took my first Reiki class I wanted to share this gift with my animal friends. The connection I feel to an animal while channeling Reiki is often moving beyond words.

My friend Patricia Naffky and I were excited to receive a special invitation to Hawk Creek Wildlife Center in May 2006. Hawk Creek is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center in East Aurora, NY (www.hawkcreek.org). Their mission is to return animals to the wild, but they have about 90 animals who will always call Hawk Creek home. Some have been permanently injured (a one-winged eagle, a blind owl, etc.), while others have been imprinted by humans and must remain in captivity. You can feel the love as you walk through the gate.

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Originally published in Reiki News Magazine,Summer 2014