HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT about reviewing a Reiki class—that is retaking a level that you have already taken? If not, I highly recommend that you do! I have personally taken each level of Reiki a few times, from different teachers and from the same teacher, and the experience has always been wonderful.

Reiki always meets you where you are, so you will always learn. When we welcome Reiki into our lives and work with the energy—especially with daily self-Reiki—we are continually healing, growing and expanding. Reviewing a class is another way to continue on that journey. Even if you had the same class from the same teacher, and that teacher used all the same words to explain and instruct, you would still learn because you would “hear” things differently and you would experience the class and the energy on a different level than the previous time (or times) you took that class. Your experience is deeper, the healing more profound. Your questions are different. Your understanding and “knowing” expand.

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Originally published in Reiki News Magazine, Fall 2017