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   Allow me to introduce myself…

   My name is Carolyn Musial and I am a full-time Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner.  I had my first experience with Reiki in April of 1998.  I had been reading spiritual books and searching for answers.  I just knew there was more to life, though I had no idea what I was searching for.  Then a friend suggested we take a Reiki class.  I immediately responded, “O.K.!”  Then I said, “What’s Reiki?” I had no idea what Reiki was, but when I heard the word something resonated inside me, and I knew I had to take that class. 

   And so this journey began, yet finding Reiki was like coming “home”.  I started a daily practice of Reiki for myself, and also began treating friends and clients.  Within a year I knew I wanted to teach, to share this amazing gift with others.  I learned that my first Reiki Master had moved from the area, and I was not successful in locating him.  It was another year before I found Laurelle Gaia and the International Center for Reiki Training.  I became a Reiki Master in July of 2000, and a Karuna Reiki® Master in July of 2001.  By her example, Laurelle has shown me what it is like to “live” Reiki – opening to the healing, peace and guidance it offers, sharing those gifts with others and empowering my students to do the same.

   In December of 2002 I completed a four year program in Shamanic Studies and Energy Body Healing at the Heartwind Center for Holistic Studies.  Then in April of 2003 I left my 28 year career in corporate America to become a full-time Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner.  It was time to follow my dream.

  My practice includes Usui, Tibetan and Karuna Reiki®, Reiki Drumming, psychic surgery or aura cleansing, healing attunements, muscle testing, chakra cleansing and balancing, soul retrievals, healing of past lives and other shamanic practices.  I am a Karuna Reiki® Master certified by the International Center for Reiki Training and a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.  I am always happy to spread the message of Reiki and share what I have learned, and am available for talks to any group that is interested.

   Reiki has transformed my life, bringing me to a place of inner peace and harmony.  It continues to teach and guide me as I walk my path.  I give thanks each day for the gift of Reiki in my life and look forward to connecting with you on your journey.  As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet.

   Feel free to contact me at:   reikicare@intotem.net

Mystic Wolf Healing Arts
3435 Harlem Road, Suite 4
Cheektowaga, NY 14225
(716) 572-3980



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